About Railisa Rest API

June 2020

This module provides to the end user all the functionalities offered by Railisa Application. All functionalities are provided as REST APIs.

In practice, the end user has the possibility of integrating these functionalities into his own application to perform queries and obtain the data in JSON, GeoJson or csv format.

This Rest API was developed in accordance with the specifications of OpenAPI version 3.

Through this module, we provide to the end user the access to:

Rest Api Schema

Provides the Rest API definitions.
These definitions can be used by documentation generation tools to display the API, code generation tools to generate servers and clients in various programming languages, testing etc.

Open Rest API Schema
Rest API schema
Rest API view

Offers a web interface, through which queries in visual mode can be performed.
This will help the end user to test the functionalities offered by this Rest API, as well as how to integrate this service in your applications.

Open Rest API view
Rest API view

Download here the Rest API guide